How to get here?

The CeNT building is located at the Ochota campus off Banacha St.:



The full mailing address is:

Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Signaling
Centre of New Technologies University of Warsaw
Banacha 2c, 02-097 Warszawa, Poland

To get to the lab, you need to enter through the main entrance (by the steel spire) and go to the end of the hallway, then turn right and go to the second floor. The door to the lab itself (opposite the elevator door) is usually locked, so call us at 22 554-3737 or 22 554-3693 if you want to get in. Pawel’s office is located in the left wing of the building. You need to go to the end of the hallway and instead of using the elevator on the right use the one on the left and go to the second floor. Again, if you want to enter the suite of offices you will need to give us a call at 22 554-3693.

Other contact info

You can contact Pawel directly by e-mail at paweln {at} cent {dot} uw {dot} edu {dot} pl or by phone at (+48) 22 554-3693. The lab phone number is (+48) 22 554-3737.

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