Happy hour

The weather was great and we had not had lab fun for a while, so we decide to have a barbecue in the nearby Pola Mokotowskie park. Łukasz impressed us with his mad beach volleyball skills!


Sylwia wins young investigator award

Our star graduate student Sylwia has been awarded the young investigator award (DSM) from the Department of Biology of the University. We celebrated with some bubbly and strawberies. It’s the second year in a row that students from our lab claim this prize! Congrats!

Happy hour at the movies

We went to see Ghost in the Shell as a lab last night. The movie was rather shallow, but visually stunning. Afterwards, we went bar-hopping to celebrate Łukasz’s new-born, Miłosz. Congrats, Łukasz! We were very disappointed that our favorite bar “U Mechaników” closed up, but we have a new go-to place – “Do Dna”.

Lab meeting fun

We had cheese and grapes for brunch this morning after lab meeting. Great presentation by Sylwia!

New collaborative paper published

We recently participated in a collaboration with the group of Dr. Gianluca Canettieri from Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, and the fruits of this collaboration have just been published in Scientific Reports. Congrats to the whole international team, especially the first author Sonia, and many thanks to Luca for inviting us to participate in this exciting study of HDAC1/2 in Hedgehog-driven cancer!

Escape room adventure

We went for a long overdue happy hour. This time instead of just going for a beer, we went to what is known as an “Escape Room”. We were locked in a room with many interconnected puzzles and the goal is to figure out how to escape from the room in less than 1 hour. The team worked extremely well – we managed to escape with around 10 minutes to go! We then went to celebrate to a pizza place in the Warsaw Old Town and some bar-hopping afterwards.


Welcome to new lab members! And Happy New Year 2017!

This is coming a little late, but our new lab members are here and really picking up steam! Warmest welcome to Sylwia – the new PhD student, and Edyta – the new research assistant. They don’t lack for motivation – everyone is here churning out results despite the slow holiday season. I wish everyone plenty of papers, grants, and awards in 2017!!!