We are hiring

We are now hiring a postdoc for our newly awarded OPUS grant. We offer an excellent working environment and a competitive salary. Please see the full announcement here. We will also be hiring a research assistant/technician.  The deadline for applying for both positions is July 31st, 2018.

A new grant for the lab

We have just been awarded over 2 million PLN from National Science Centre in the OPUS 14 contest! Time to grow our team and work on exciting new directions. The work that was funded is on the regulation of the activity of Gli proteins by the ubiquitin-proteasome system in normal cells and in cancer. Congrats to the whole lab who contributed to the effort and also to other labs from CeNT who got grants in this edition. As is our custom, we celebrated with champagne and strawberries 😉

Happy hour barbecue

We celebrated the coming of the wonderful weather in Poland at Pola Mokotowskie with a barbecue and some volleyball. My daughter Julia made a brief appearance but was a bit shy.

Welcome new lab members

LMCS has two new lab members! Tomek, who did his internship with us for a few months, has officially joined the lab as a graduate student, and Kasia came as a postdoctoral fellow. Both have experience working in biomedical labs in Poland and abroad (France, Sweden, Qatar). Check out their profiles on the People page. Welcome!

Happy hour

The weather was great and we had not had lab fun for a while, so we decide to have a barbecue in the nearby Pola Mokotowskie park. Łukasz impressed us with his mad beach volleyball skills!


Sylwia wins young investigator award

Our star graduate student Sylwia has been awarded the young investigator award (DSM) from the Department of Biology of the University. We celebrated with some bubbly and strawberies. It’s the second year in a row that students from our lab claim this prize! Congrats!

Happy hour at the movies

We went to see Ghost in the Shell as a lab last night. The movie was rather shallow, but visually stunning. Afterwards, we went bar-hopping to celebrate Łukasz’s new-born, Miłosz. Congrats, Łukasz! We were very disappointed that our favorite bar “U Mechaników” closed up, but we have a new go-to place – “Do Dna”.

Lab meeting fun

We had cheese and grapes for brunch this morning after lab meeting. Great presentation by Sylwia!