Excursion to Kraków

We went to see the talk by the celebrated Rudolf Jaenish (of transgenic mice fame) at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. The talk was fascinating, and touched upon iPS cells in medicine, epigenetic reprogramming, and imprinting. We then took some time afterwards to visit some sights in Kraków. It was a fun trip and a nice way to get out of the daily grind.

Congrats Zuza!!!

Congrats to Zuza who has just won her Young Investigator Grant (DSM) from the Department of Biology of the University!!! We celebrated with a little bit of (non-alcoholic) bubbly at lunchtime!


Welcome to the lab, Mostafa!

We have just had a new person join the lab. Mostafa has come to us from Cairo, Egypt, and will do an internship in the lab to develop his biomedical research skills. He has only been here a week and is already up and running with the experiments, getting nice results and contributing to our research program. Welcome, Mostafa!

Lab opening

The lab opening today was great fun! Thanks everyone for coming and thank you Zuza and Monika for helping me organize everything.

Lab opening ceremony scheduled for Thu, October 8th

We are pretty excited to invite everyone to the lab opening ceremony on October 8 at 3 pm. There will be refreshments (yes, that means free pizza!) and some good ol’ bubbly to keep the conversation flowing. Zuza has promised to bake a mystery cake, which some sources claim will look like a hedgehog. Even though Zuza has already started doing some preliminary experiments, we are only just celebrating lab opening because Monika the postdoc has now arrived from faraway Switzerland to join our efforts to decipher the Hedgehog pathway and have fun in the process. Don’t feel pressured to be on time. We will have some preliminaries around 3 so if you can make it – great, but we will hopefully keep having fun throughout the afternoon, so if you are stuck in the dark room developing these Westerns, don’t stress out – we will have a fresh bottle of champagne waiting for you at 4˚C. The contact info is here. Hope to see you all on Thursday!

The first joint Niewiadomski/Proszynski lab retreat is officially over

We have just returned from Krynica Morska, where the newly formed Niewiadomski lab joined the illustrious Proszynski lab from the Nencki institute on a joint retreat. We’ve had a lot of fun together and almost managed to not talk about science for three days straight. Two songs have been selected as the retreat’s anthems: “Move Bi#$h” by Ludacris and “Senor Loco” by Elena.

Welcome Monika – the lab’s first postdoc!

Starting October 1st we will have a new lab member – Monika Kusio-Kobiałka, who is coming to join the group after doing her PhD at the Nencki Institute and a postdoctoral stint in Switzerland. Now we have two lab members and both of them love paragliding. Hopefully we will be able to glide into some exciting new discoveries together. Warmest welcome!

Welcome new graduate student!

Warmest welcome to the first graduate student in the lab, Zuzanna (Zuza) Sas. Zuza is starting this month and will be exploring new avenues of research at the interesection between ciliary biology and cellular signaling.

Looking for a research assistant and a PhD student

We will be hiring a research assistant and a PhD student in the coming weeks. If you know any outstanding scientists who would like to join my lab, please have them apply! The application deadline is July 15th 2015. Click here to download a poster with more information. Here’s a detailed announcement for the research assistant position. Here’s a detailed announcement for the PhD student position.