Welcome Monika – the lab’s first postdoc!

Starting October 1st we will have a new lab member – Monika Kusio-Kobia┼éka, who is coming to join the group after doing her PhD at the Nencki Institute and a postdoctoral stint in Switzerland. Now we have two lab members and both of them love paragliding. Hopefully we will be able to glide into some exciting new discoveries together. Warmest welcome!

Welcome new graduate student!

Warmest welcome to the first graduate student in the lab, Zuzanna (Zuza) Sas. Zuza is starting this month and will be exploring new avenues of research at the interesection between ciliary biology and cellular signaling.

Looking for a research assistant and a PhD student

We will be hiring a research assistant and a PhD student in the coming weeks. If you know any outstanding scientists who would like to join my lab, please have them apply! The application deadline is July 15th 2015. Click here to download a poster with more information. Here’s a detailed announcement for the research assistant position. Here’s a detailed announcement for the PhD student position.

The lab opens on June 1st

We are happy to announce that the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Signaling at the Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, is officially open. It is a very exciting time for me as the PI and I hope we are off to a great start. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate or simply talk science!