Protein kinase fun at IPK2019

Brygida, Klaudia, and myself went to the Inhibitors of Protein Kinases 2019 conference organized in Warsaw by the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB). It had an amazing lineup of speakers, including Tony Hunter, who discovered tyrosine phosphorylation, and Susan Taylor, who first solved the crystal structure of a protein kinase. We attended many inspiring talks and had great conversations with a lot of the attendees. Amazingly, Brygida continues her streak of poster awards! Congratulations! She now has three awards – one for each conference she has attended since joining the lab. Also congrats to her coauthor on that poster, Sylwia, who took some beautiful immunofluorescence pictures that gave the poster a nice “punch”. Brigida’s work is definitely striking a chord with diverse audiences. IUBMB even congratulated her on twitter.

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